Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sailing schedule Including Seal spotting trips.

Trips run weekends and school holidays all year.
Also weekdays if booked in advance from Easter until mid September unless the weather is bad.
Normal open times are 11am to 5pm (dusk in winter) but Seal trips will run before and after due to tides.
4 or more as a group can book the boat on any day of the year.
You can only book by phone or texting on  07958376183.
Wildlife and Seal Spotting trip departure times;  2019.
Please note book in advance to avoid disappointment.
Also our new record number of Seals see on a trip on 14th Jaūnuary  2018 of 240+ including one Gray all the rest the less common Common Seal.

Extra trips added when demand dictates. 
A crew is available any day now with some notice.
Thur 22nd @ 2.30pm.
Fri 23rd @ 3.30pm.
Sat 24th @ 4.30pm.
Sun 25th @ 5.30pm.
Mon 26th @ 9am.
Tue 27th @ 9.30am.
Wed 28th @ 9.30am.
Thur 29th @ 10am.
Fri 30th @ 11am.
Sat 31st @ 11.30am.
Sun 1st @ 12.30pm.
Mon 2nd @ 1pm.
Tue 3rd @ 1.30pm.
Wed 4th fully booked.
Thur 5th @ 3pm.
Fri 6th @ 4pm.
Sat 7th @ 5pm.
Tue 10th @ 10am.
Wed 11th @ 11am.
Thur 12th @ 11am.
Fri 13th @ 11am.
Sat 14th @ 11.30am.
Sun 15th @ 12noon.
Mon 16th @ 12.30pm.
Tue 17th @ 1pm.
Wed 18th @ 1pm.
Thur 19th @ 1.30pm.
Fri 20th @ 2pm.
Sat 21st @ 5pm.
Sun 29th @ 11am.
Sat 5th @ 3.30pm.
Sun 6th @ 4.30pm.
Sat 12th @ 11am.
Sun 13th fully booked.
Sat 19th @ 2pm.
Sun 20th @ 2.30pm.
Mon 21st @ 3.30pm.
Wed 23rd @ 9am.
Thur 24th @ 9am.
Fri 25th @ 9am.
Sat 26th @ 9.30am.
Sun 27th @ 9am.
Sat 2nd @ 1.30pm.
Sun 3rd @ 2pm.
Sat 9th @ 10am.
Sun 10th @ 10am.
Sat 16th @ 11.30am.
Sun 17th @ 12.30pm.
Sat 23rd @ 9am.
Sun 24th @ 10am.
Sat 30th @ 12noon.
Sun 1st @ 1pm.
Sat 7th @ 9am.
Sun 8th @ 9am.
Sat 14th @ 11am.
Sun 15th @ 11.30pm.
Fri 20th @ 3pm.
Sat 21st no suitable tide.
Sun 22nd @ 9am.
Mon 23rd @ 9am.
Tue 24th @ 10am.
Wed 25th @ 10am.
Thur 26th @ 10am.
Fri 27th @ 11am.
Sat 28th @ 11.30am.
Sun 29th @ 12noon.
Mon 30th @ 12.30pm.
Tue 31th @ 1.30pm.
Wed 1st @ 2.30pm.

Seals seen on all trips now for over 18 years. About 3000+ trips.

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