Monday, October 10, 2016

This year changes. And latest update 28th May 2018.

 Alternative number now available
 07503 928409  to speak with Sarah.

New record mid January 2018. 
In excess of 240 Seals mostly Common or Harbour Seals but 1 Gray. How meny more can there be?
December 2017  received our first delivery of GTL fuel. The emitting exhaust is much cleaner than conventional Diesel biodegradable if spilt, and I am told also being used by the BBC for generating electricity.
 This winter we are offering boat handling lessons for individuals or groups for team building. Give Captain Colin a call or text to discuss your options.

 The Southern Queen is now having  anual maintenance, Capacity 65 persons but for comfort reasons will be restricted to about 55 unless mostly children. School parties welcome. Back in service now!
Heron capacity 12 for up river now with a newly refurbished engine.
During winter email as more time to look.

We can now take card payments on the Sandwich boats.

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